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I feel Love. I feel Bliss. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 1 All Mixed Up, Don't Know What To Do :iconalex57691:Alex57691 1 4 ... :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 1 Silly Artist Face. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 1 0
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"Note: If your blood is Rh-negative, you'll need a shot of Rh immune globulin if you have vaginal spotting or bleeding unless you know for sure that the baby's father's blood is also Rh-negative or it's clear that the bleeding is not coming from the uterus."
I read this when I was searching today on "bleeding after conception/during conception" and got this somewhere in the loads of information.
I was pregnant awhile back and suffered tremendoulsy with little assistance. Anyway, I had no idea I was pregnant anyway until a few months later when my father told me I am a little overweight in the belly region. (I thought I was just gaining weight there).
Funny thing is, I destroyed my poor child by 1. probably not taking a shot for my RH neg. blood type 2. Smoking cigarettes a few times 3. Drinking alcohol 4. I may have even smoked marijianna (but this I cannot recal because of my somewhat poor memory).
Anyway, I am a special girl and I love my boyfriend very much. I want to have a beautif
:iconalex57691:Alex57691 1 11
happy easter 1. 2013 :iconalex57691:Alex57691 1 0
I'm really serious about this: I want to learn magic and commune with nature/talk to Gods. I hiked yesterday, and just feeling that freeness of being on my own with nature seemed to take me to a higher place than most things I do on a daily basis. I was smiling inside the whole time. Does anyone feel like they can help me with maybe magic? For example, using energy from the earth to their bodies to dispel negative energy in their houses, talk to their dead ancestors, or charge things? Use sex as a healing/charging technique instead of a energy draining one? I'm so naive when it comes to this stuff, and perhaps it's not the path for me, but I'm interested in Magic/Astrology/Intuitive mind powers (which I have much of already), etc. Foreseeing the future would be amazing as well as being able to read others like books instead of just seeing a "walking dead" pass by. All of this requires little money, and refers to unlimited potential to experience more than this state of grounding on ear
:iconalex57691:Alex57691 1 28
tumblr mktb8bwhAM1qisjo9o1 500 :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 2 Stolen off of the InterWeb. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 0
Pardon me if I visit your page....
It's just that some people seem more interesting than others.
:iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 2
Stolen off of the InterWeb. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 1
So, I thought about it, and seeing as sex doesn't give me cancer and it is relatively good for my brain and body I'm giving peace another change and getting back together with my ex.
I'm realizing that it's really hard to find someone with chemistry compatible with mine, and the asians and black guys didn't have the energy that I was looking for.
It's hard.
I dunno. I'm starting to think that I can be free with someone easier than without someone....but I might be wrong.
I am impatient.
I'm also concerned with my health and well-being. I just want to do the right thing.
I can't figure out what the right thing is, but I'm just going to go with life avoiding at least what I KNOW is for sure bad for me.
? I dunno. I can't concentrate on school very well and I'm functioning a little weird with my energy pills for my hypothyroid problem. I'm thinking of just not taking them anymore.
Shitting is getting overwhelming on my asshole. The metabolism thing is just really ridiculous.
I'm totally a
:iconalex57691:Alex57691 1 6
Makes some sense. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 4 Obama for America. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 0 Hello. :iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 1
Maybe an once of subconscious insecurity...
that makes me take so many pictures and post them on here, but mostly it's because to me every day is different and I can look a certain way and make a photo my artistic expression that is unique for every day.  I am somewhat feminist in my mind, and I'm in control so I'm going to do the right things for me, and if people appreciate that then I'm really happy. I'm glad that this website is open for nudity, raw thoughts and emotions in all forms of creative expression. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
:iconalex57691:Alex57691 2 15


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